Dustin Johnson held off the rest of the field and the only rain Los Angeles will see in 2017 to finally finish late Sunday about 47 minutes into 60 Minutes. DJ, unknowingly to him, skated (Gretzky pun intended) his way to his first number one golf ranking. And while he definitely won the weekend, a few others came out with their heads held high, a few left our heads shaking, and one guy left a piece of his head in the 12th rough of Riviera.


Wesley Bryan gave Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo something to talk about other than Phil’s chipping on Sunday by finishing a career best T4. Wesley is more famous for his “Dude Perfect” type trick shots with his brother than he is for competing in golf tournaments. According to Nantz, “everyone knows these guys.” I can guarantee you the typical golf fan has no idea who these selfie-loving, viral video stars are. 60-year-old white men hold their phones at arm length, staring down their wives’ CVS reading glasses just to text back “OK” with their index fingers. No way they’re navigating the depths of Youtube to find these bros hitting golf balls to each other. Hopefully Wesley’s top five finish will spark a sibling rivalry between the two and some domestic dispute trick shots will come out of this.

The general consensus is that Pat Perez lost this weekend by drilling three people with three separate tee shots on his final nine. No one is too upset that he cracked a guy’s skull, but the fact that he did not yell “Fore!” from 300 yards away is unforgivable. As someone who has properly utilized the “Fore!” on plenty occasions, the result is not a tuck and cover like you’d expect. Screaming at someone on a quiet golf course will immediately make you look up square into the path of the ball. While Pat did take a little too much off the top of someone, that guy’s in a lot better shape than he would be if he looked back and took one square in the face. There’s plenty of blame to go around but putting it squarely on the golfer for not yelling an arbitrary word is absurd. I blame the clowns that started yelling “In the hole!” after every tee shot. You want to make the game safer, Shane Lowry, let’s get the crowds to start yelling “Fore!” instead – after drives, chips, putts, every shot.


While Pat Perez had a rough Sunday signing gloves, no one had a worse week than Bryson DeChambeau. Bryson got ridiculed for his ridiculous Tin Cup set up on Tuesday during the practice rounds, then packed his single length irons up after only ten holes on Friday and called it quits.

Bronson is quickly becoming a novelty act with his driving cap, side swaddle putting, and his rigid golf swing. He is trying so badly to become original in a sport that is so static it just let women join its most prestigious club five years ago. It’s only a matter of time before he becomes the first golfer sponsored by the Medicus. If Bronson shows up on a practice round with a Dual Hinge Golf Training Aid, I’ll pay money for Pat Perez to take target practice at him.

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