The Honda Classic taught us many things this week. Tiger can still play golf at an entertaining level. We learned and will soon forget who Sam Burns is. Golf Twitter is very much alive. Luke List will win this year. CBS’s golf coverage still sucks. And Justin Thomas is an asshole.

While I’ve seen better looking greens at Gooney Golf, PGA National did not disappoint this weekend. My one-and-done pick did disappoint, but Baylor boy Luke List took JT to overtime and one of my picks, Alex Noren, came in third place.

The golf was wildly entertaining, when we were allowed to see it. The Golf Channel and CBS had an absolute suck-fest for Tiger over the weekend, especially during the Sunday coverage. Trust me, I want to see every shot Tiger takes until he is a decaying invalid, but I could not care less about what his playing partner is doing if he’s not in contention. The Tiger effect is so strong that CBS showed Tiger’s partner, Sam Burns, miss a meaningless birdie while 5 off the lead and one hole to play over Luke List’s pivotal fairway shot from the hazard on 15 that would eventually lead to a miraculous par save. We are being forced to believe that a T-8 finish in his 3rd career start will lead to a multi-major career. If this kid wins a single tournament in the next two years, I will get “SAM BURNS” tattooed across my toe knuckles.  I look forward to the real Sam Berns being the one who is rightfully remembered, not Tiger’s playing partner.

The real Sam Berns shown in lower middle. RIP young prince.

Side note on the coverage: I fell asleep for like twenty minutes as soon as Jack was brought into the booth. It was kind of impressive how quickly someone could put me to sleep. Jack Nicklaus the golfer was legendary, but between his roll-back campaign and his dreadful golf commentary, I’d prefer to keep him in the highlight reels only.

Speaking of highlights, a couple golfers made for great internet material over the weekend, albeit for poor golfing. Patton Kizzire’s Instagram of him and Tiger would’ve been the best thing on the internet if it weren’t for the video of him point fore right with as much flare as I have ever seen. If only his swing was as smooth as his fore sign, we would’ve seen more of him over the weekend.

Chesson Hadley took to Twitter after his opening round 74 to proclaim that he was “dialed in and locked and loaded” for his following round on Friday only to come out and shoot an 8 over 78. He took it all in stride though.IMG_3552

Justin Thomas, the winner of the Honda Classic, did not seem to enjoy his final round on Sunday as much as others did. He had a fan ejected after his tee shot on 16. According to his post round interview, the fan told him prior to teeing off that he hoped his tee shot went in the water. After hitting his drive, the fan yelled for the ball to get in the bunker. Justin, who is not a fan of loud fans, pointed out the ticket-holder and told him “Enjoy your day buddy. You’re gone.” Kicking out a fan for cheering against him does not help Justin’s country club kid, my daddy was a PGA pro, persona. He’s not gaining any fans this way. Besides his BFF Rickie, who was waiting for him greenside during the playoff hole, I don’t think he’s making any more friends on tour either. Immediately after Luke List hit his tee shot on the playoff 18, Justin marched passed him, Luke still holding his swing, and enthusiastically signaled that Luke’s shot was headed right. This comes only a couple holes after Justin walked off the green and headed to the next tee while Luke still had a putt to finish out his hole. Luke scrambled to have a shot at birdie that would run past, and Justin would hole his birdie to win, capping off his victory with an audible “Fuck yeah!” He did apologize for his language and acknowledged kicking a fan out was not a good look, saying in his press conference “I looked like a bad guy today, sorry.” Yeah you did.

Next week we have the WGC in Mexico. Try to get some work done until then.

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