He is risen. He is risen indeed! Ian Poulter was buried after his 73 on Thursday, better than only ten other golfers. And on the third day, he rose after going -20 through three days. In a weird turn of events, many (few) Americans found themselves pulling for Poulter to win this weekend after being told by Golf Channel last week that he had earned his invite to the Masters.

The European Ryder Cup Lord and Savior held off a flush-faced Beau Hossler in a playoff to win and rightfully earn the final spot in The Masters next weekend. Beau Hossler, even though he was a playoff hole from winning his first tournament at 23, has a long way to go before winning over PGA Tour fans. His caddie has got to lose that dumb ass Aussie hat and Beau has got to learn how to adjust to life without braces. I could lip read the spittle in his mouth each time he spoke.


Even though I found myself pulling for the dark prince of England, I couldn’t help feel for Beau when he went bunker to bunker then flew his second bunker shot into the water. There are very few times that I can imagine myself as a professional golfer, but this was one of them.

In other news, it looks as though Kevin Mitchell has officially emerged on the PGA Tour scene.  I hope you weren’t too attached to Keith, because it’s only Kevin from here on out.

The Houston Open still does not have a sponsor for next year’s tournament, and the Valero Open will take its calendar position, but if this week was any type of interview for what this course has to offer, some evil corporation in Houston surely will pick up the sponsorship for next year (looking at you Halliburton.) But if this was the last year we see the PGA Tour at the Golf Club of Houston, I couldn’t think of better ending.

Oh yeah. The fucking Masters is next week.


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