Everyone was pumped up for this weekend. Gary McCord was so jazzed he didn’t shut up for the first hour of coverage on Saturday and dropped a “flummoxed” during his long-winded coverage on one of Phil’s many missed putts. Best commentary of the weekend, Terry Gannon tho:

Jon Rahm came from whatever this is in Spain to drain an eagle on 18 of Torrey Pines to win the Farmer’s this past weekend. While we’re usually huge fans of all things Spanish, including Sergio, we’re not ready to jump into bed and turn on Spanish Romance with this dude. With that stupid M2 New Era hat, he looks more like he’s from the Meth Country of Lakeland, Florida than from the Basque Country of Barrika, Spain. Lose the hat, pack on some more weight, and bring the sideburns back and we’ll be your biggest fans. But until then, hasta luego.


Speaking of Sergio, this dude stalked and harassed Sergio on Twitter into letting him caddy for him. The best part, his Twitter handle. @markjohno6969 has been tweeted at and retweeted by all the major golf publications. Either these reporters don’t realize this degenerate has 69 in his handle purely as a joke or they just don’t care. Either way this is our favorite golf story of the week. We’ll follow this

The real winners of this weekend? Not us. Three of our four picks missed the cut, with Tim Wilkinson being the lone bright spot tied for 42nd. And the reviews of the website were about on par with our weekly predictions.

Evidently Paul Hoban thinks our material blows. Paul Hoban who tweets about the WWE called us unoriginal tools. We’re crushed.

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